This is awkward, not you’re awkward, but just because we’re, I’m awkward, you’re gorgeous. #me #frozen #anna #cosplay

holy gorgeous

King Louie. Chief Keef. Jim Jones. 


In a black shirt and some faded jeans

G-Eazy - Almost Famous (via mattydooood)

I’m only about three things: sarcasm, orgasms, and fashion.

G- Eazy (via queenof5b)

I see what you’re tryin’ to do, that’s not even kind of new, that’s that shit I’ve been on.

Been On G-Eazy (via dvkotvmichele)

Have you ever loved somebody who didn’t love you back enough? Brings on a bunch of extra baggage like you’re packing stuff.

G-Eazy x Acting Up (via sasscastah)